Maintenance Guide


Why is maintenance so important?

Think of it this way, a small amount of TLC will increase performance, longevity, reduce your expenses over the life of your boat and help ensure safety for all those aboard.

For most of us, our leisure time is precious, and having your boat in for repairs during the summer boating season takes away from the pleasure of boating. Maintenance doesn't only mean paying attention to your boat when you are actively using it during the warm weather season its year round, so the best time for routine inspections and repairs is when your boat is not being used.

The best way for boaters to care for their boat, motor and trailer is to know what services have been performed; this serves as a guide for what needs to be done in the future.

With 32 years in the marine industry, Pinewood Sports and now Badiuk's Powersports Equipment, has taught me there are some basic checks and regular maintenance items that, if performed will reduce your repair costs in the long run.


  • 1. Routine Inspections:

    Many times, damages incurred could easily have been prevented by regular visual inspections. Keep an eye out for everything from poor bumpers, fraying dock lines to loose fittings. Are your navigation lights working, is the bilge pump working, is your lanyard clipped in properly? Make sure your transom plug is in before launching. Make sure your boat is properly moored. One of the most common ways damages and scratches occur is when your boat is being docked. Fibreglass damage below the waterline of your boat should always be repaired as fibreglass can absorb water causing osmosis or blistering.

  • 2. Boat Cleaning:

    A simple, but critical, action is regular washing and cleaning. A good detail cleaning will counteract the long term effects of environmental wear and tear. Routine washing, waxing and for some antifouling paint will help protect your boat from the elements. Investing in a well fitted boat cover will also keep your boat clean & dry and prevent harmful UV rays from fading carpets and upholstery.

  • 3. Engine Maintenance:

    The best care for both inboard and outboard motors is making sure your dealer performs recommended routine services: from tune ups, oil & filter changes, impeller changes, propeller and Summerization & Winterization. Talk to our friendly service department if you have any questions on what is recommended and needed.

  • 4. Battery:

    A low or dead battery can create a frustrating situation. Keep your battery clean and dry, and make sure all accessory switches are off to prevent draining. Make sure your battery is in the proper size, in good condition and fully charged before use and for some check fluid levels.

  • 5. Trailer Maintenance:

    Probably the least thought about service is your trailer. For your safety and the safety of others your trailer should be serviced on a regular basis. Make sure your trailer brakes, brake lights, tail lights and turn signals are in working order. Have the bearings checked for grease. Wash down your trailer after every use as the trailer hubs and lights are submerged when launching.

  • 6. Safety Gear:

    It is not only a costly mistake, but required by law to have proper safety equipment aboard your boat. Check with your parts department for what is expected, they will give you the proper recommendations for fire extinguishers, safety flares, life jackets, paddles, ropes, bumpers etc. As the old saying goes "Up the creek without a paddle" is not where you want to be and Don't Forget Your Boating License!!

    From the Staff & Crew at Badiuk's Powersports Equipment we wish you all a Fun, Happy and Safe boating season.